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Introduction to plastic pallets

author: source: View:4297  time:2017-01-17

The definition of pallets in the Chinese national standard "Logistics Terminology" is a horizontal platform device used for containerization, stacking, handling, and transportation of goods and products placed as a unit load. As a type of containerized equipment similar to containers, pallets have been widely used in production, transportation, warehousing, and circulation, and are one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry of the 20th century. As an important equipment for loading, unloading, storage, and transportation in logistics operations, pallets play a huge role in modern logistics when used in conjunction with forklifts. The benefits brought by pallets to the modern logistics industry are mainly reflected in the ability to achieve unitization, standardization, and standardization of item packaging, protect items, facilitate logistics and commercial flow, and pallets are also known as pallets or pallets. There are at least two types of trays according to their functions. One is the tray used in daily conversation, which is a plate for placing bowls and dishes when serving food. Another type is pallets used for logistics. There are various types of pallets in logistics, which are distinguished by material, purpose, platform, forklift loading method, and structure. Especially in some situations that require fast operation, due to the high efficiency, safety and stability of tray operation, the usage rate is increasing. There are various types of pallets on the market, including wooden pallets, plywood fumigation free pallets, and four-way pallets Double sided tray European standard pallets European standard CP3. Square pier pallets, single-sided plywood pallets, double-sided plywood pallets, double-sided non fumigation pallets, numbering, thickened plywood, double-sided field shaped plastic pallets, blue plastic pallets, European standard CP3 Black plastic tray. 12KGS black field grid. In addition, there are various specialized pallets, such as flat glass container pallets, tire specific pallets, large-sized object pallets, and oil drum specific pallets.

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