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Factors affecting the price of plastic pallets

author: source: View:4614  time:2017-01-17

The price of pallets is determined by many factors, not just what everyone thinks. Today, we will talk about the main factors that affect the price of plastic pallets.
1、 Raw materials. The price of raw materials for plastic pallets is closely related to international oil prices, and an increase in oil prices will inevitably lead to an increase in raw material prices.
2、 The self weight of the tray. The weight of plastic pallets is only related to their price, and the more reusable the material, the higher the price.
3、 Production location and receiving location. The farther away the production location is from the receiving location, the more remote the location is, the higher the shipping cost, and the higher the cost of spreading on plastic pallets.
4、 The structure and size of plastic pallets. The size and style of plastic pallets directly determine the size of the injection molding machine used to make them, and also determine their processing costs.
5、 The quality of raw materials for making plastic pallets. Plastic pallets made from waste are naturally cheaper than those made from pure raw materials.

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